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Regulatory Framework

R&S Drones operates under CASR Part 101—Unmanned aircraft and rockets in the excluded category for drones under 2kg. To read this document please click here.

Under Part 101, when operating the aircraft, R&S Drones is required to follow standard operating conditions. To read the transcript please
click here.

To view my notification confirmation
.email from CASA that allows me to operate drones for hire and reward click here. For security and privacy reasons the ARN has been partially redacted.
Terms and Conditions

1. R&S Drones will provide services as accepted by the client. Any additional work carried out will be charged at a rate of $100.00 per hour in blocks of 15 minutes.

2. All work to be completed on a best endeavours basis.

3. All work is guaranteed against faults in production etc but not changes of mind or scope unless agreed to prior to the commencement of work. To avoid disappointing outcomes R&S Drones will consult as much as possible with the client prior to planning and commencing work.

4. Work will not commence unless the quote has been accepted in writing.

5. The client acknowledges that the successful completion of the any works is subject to environmental factors such as whether, airspace etc.

6. Prior to commencing the work and, to ensure the safe conduct of the operation, clients will be required to provide information about their location, building / farm and surrounding areas. This will be in the form of a questionnaire conducted by R&S Drones. R&S Drones will confirm the information provided by the client on the day that work commences.

7. Clients will be responsible for the control of any family members or personnel residing on the property and animals directly under control of the client.

8. At all times the decision to start or continue the work rests with the pilot in command of the air vehicle.

9. Rules governing the operations of drones are in accordance the the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). At all times operations of the air vehicle shall be in accordance with CASA requirements. The decision of the pilot in command of the air vehicle is final.

10. The client - under no obligation - may be requested to assist the pilot in command.

11. R&S Drones shall maintain a safe working environment at all times.

12. Privacy of the client, client’s family, employees and neighbours shall be respected at all times.

13. Payment terms are 14 days after the commencement of the job.